George Schmitt & Co

A Tradition of Printing & Converting
Innovation Since 1874

Specializing in Pressure Sensitive Labels, Shrink Sleeves, Flexible Packaging, RFID embedded labels, and Security Printing.


In 1874 at the age of twenty-three, German immigrant, George Schmitt, began his namesake company as a stone lithographer in Brooklyn, New York. The art of stone lithography required the imagination of an artist and the technique of a craftsman— traits perfected by the young George Schmitt. Fueled by enthusiasm and talent, the company quickly expanded by reinvesting in the latest printing method of the era, leading to their first printing award at the 1892 Chicago World’s Fair. Critics of the time described Schmitt’s products as “Specimens that will vie with the masterpieces of our most famous artists of the brush”.

Today, George Schmitt & Company is a Fourth generation, privately held family business that evokes the same enthusiasm and talent of its earlier days. Expanding into new and exciting worlds of print with its own engineered solutions, the George Schmitt & Company continues to look to the future for new innovations and technologies in the printing and converting industries.

Schmitt’s in-house engineering capabilities facilitate customized production solutions. Expertise not typically found with conventional printers.


Our capabilities and Equipment:

Labels, Packaging, and Shrink

George Schmitt & Company offers Gravure, Flexo, and Rotary Letterpress printing up to 30 inches wide, and up to ten colors. A thirst for the newest printing technologies, combined with high speed finishing and seaming, allows for competitive pricing and quality manufacturing. George Schmitt & Co. is known as a high quality printer to industry leaders in aviation, personal safety equipment, food, apparel, distilled spirits, tobacco, pharmaceutical and health care industries. Schmitt is a global leader in high security printing, including RFID tags, tamper evident, and specialty ink printing. Our innovative in-house Prepress facility can meet all your design, proofing & plate making needs. Our customers include large multi-national corporations, government agencies and smaller privately held companies.

RFID Technologies

In 2003, George Schmitt & Co. became the first company in the world to provide item level pharmaceutical labels with RFID capability. This was accomplished by using Schmitt’s proprietary assembly and testing equipment and processes which ensured 100% readable inlays.

Today, George Schmitt enjoys the reputation as the preeminent supplier of the most demanding RFID applications. Schmitt is a valued converter partner to leading inlay manufacturers, system integrators, and end-use customers. Product offerings include RFID pharmaceutical labels, cryogenic laboratory labels, safety product labels, and airline luggage tags.

Dedication to Aviation

George Schmitt is the leading supplier of RFID baggage tags in the world. Schmitt supplies both major airports and airlines with their RFID needs. George Schmitt’s tags are of a superior quality and provide six sigma read reliability. Schmitt’s baggage tags are an extremely cost effective solution, and they are the choice for those wishing to realize the full ROI on RFID implementation.

Engineered Solutions

George Schmitt & Co.’s unique engineering capabilities provide customers several advantages:

  • Quality is engineered into robust manufacturing processes. Process capability studies inform capital expenditures, so that the product exceeds customer expectations. Cost is driven out of the production process.
  • George Schmitt’s 14 US patents speak to innovation in manufacturing and in-line testing of the product.
  • Flexibility in product design allows Schmitt’s customers unrestricted creativity. Engineered solutions customize the manufacturing process to the product, not the product to the process.

Security Printing

In 1970, George Schmitt’s Guilford Gravure division became the first private company outside of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving to print US Postage stamps. Since then, Schmitt has produced over 35 billion postage stamps for the US government without a single reject.

Stringent security protocols, an unsurpassed attention to quality, and access to the latest overt and covert secure printing technologies, have made George Schmitt a natural choice for the demanding requirements of pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and private contractors.

Quality Control

Quality is built into the George Schmitt culture. Senior management is committed to providing employees with a safe and friendly work environment and the training that is necessary to produce a quality product reliably. All employees go through mandatory background checks and drug screening. All employees are cross-trained, and training records are maintained. Significant investment is made in state-of-the-art equipment. Preventative maintenance is performed and documented. Current quality systems and techniques are used, and processes are monitored using statistical process control. Metrics are reviewed monthly with senior management such as NCMR tracking, on-time delivery, and yield and downtime.

Prepress Production

The George Schmitt & Company has a full in-house prepress department working with all current hardware and software. Experienced staff are trained in all programs used throughout the printing industry, ie: Illustrator, In-Design, and Photoshop, with capabilities of production design, text and content editing, and color manipulation. We can execute complex product concepts and offer electronic proofing, contract color proofing, colorkeys and prototypes. We also have complete flexo plate making capabilities.
Most all requests are processed within 48 hours, or same day upon request.

As a major supplier to the United States Postal Service, Schmitt has supplied over 35 billion postage stamps without a single field rejection.


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– J. Robert Gunther